“Froggy”, Polaroid I shot in 2008.

Where’d that come from? Froggy is an adorable (and useful) vintage chlorine tablet holder shaped like a frog seated in an inner-tube that belonged to my great-grandparents. Below is a photo of me with my great-grandfather and cousins in 1987. You can see Froggy chilling on the edge of the pool. Back then, I viewed him more as a toy, rather than a pool device. (I wasn’t very fond of the duck who served the same purpose; he was too tipsy in the water). Somehow Froggy wound up at my parents’ house, but was rarely/never used. I thought he would make a fun, photogenic prop, so I dug him out of the pool house one afternoon and shot some Polaroids of him. After that day, I thought he deserved a better home… so Froggy now lives full-time in my bedroom, next to my closet, where he greets me every day. :)

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