Every year, I basically do the same thing to celebrate my birthday: go to my favorite Thai restaurant with a group of friends from high school, and my mother, and then go bowling afterward. It has become somewhat of a tradition. My mother always brings a cake and not knowing what decoration will be ON my cake is also a tradition. The cakes always feature something I like, so I figured this year’s cake would be 311 or Foo Fighters-related, but I was waaay off.

This year, my mother took a photo of my vintage Marimekko print luggage to a local baker who made the same mod design on the cake. My mother also had the baker add an Amtrak luggage tag (because I hate to fly), hehe. Clever woman. The black icing made everyone’s lips and tongues (and my friend Zac’s teeth) turn black. Good times.

Hope this idea inspires you to create some mod cake designs of your own!! This Marimekko print only requires you buy a can of white frosting and a tube of black frosting. Easy peasy.

Past cakes:

Polaroid camera cake.

Boomhauer (from King of the Hill).

Pearls Before Swine (comic strip) cake.

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