I recently shot pre-prom photos for a new client. I treated them as though they were a hybrid of engagement photos + headshots because I wanted to create images both Laura’s mother and Laura would want to show off.  I knew Laura’s mother would be more interested in photos of herself with her daughter and photos of her daughter alone; and I knew Laura would be more interested in photos of herself with her date and herself with friends. An important aspect was to not cross into the ‘overly cheesy’ territory. Here are some of the images:

It took few minutes for Laura and her date to warm up and start acting like an enthusiastic young couple about to go to prom, but with a few silly comments and specific camera direction, they finally let down their guard and interacted with one another. The photo of Laura dialing on her cell phone while her date anxiously looks at his watch was a completely, unplanned magical moment that summed up their anticipation perfectly.

My client was so pleased with the photographs, she asked me to shoot her daughter’s graduation two weeks later. :)


Congrats Class of 2012~!!

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