1. Motorcycle, 2. Old Hollywood Glam, 3. Woodland Princess, 4. Have Ice Cream, Will Travel, 5. Sun Flowers, 6. Beach Cruiser, 7. Winter Smile, 8. Summer Shades, 9. Kissy Flirt Face, 10. Seafoam and Coral, 11. Holiday Sweater Dance, 12. Wake Up Sleepy Head, 13. Asian Garden, 14. Nick Hexum at Penn’s Landing, 15. Lavender, 16. Glamorous Wink

In 2013, I…
-Swam with manatees (a life goal of mine since 3rd grade)
-Interviewed Nick Hexum of 311 (my favorite band) in his personal studio
-Was a bridesmaid in BOTH of my best friends’ weddings, that happened to be one week apart from one another!!
-Played in a cranberry bog
-Had my work published on the cover of Flow Magazine
-Was featured in a book called ‘Shooting Yourself: Self Portraits with Attitude’
-Helped save a business that’s been in operation since the 1920s
-Tracked down a little old lady in Chicago so she wouldn’t miss her train to NYC
-Shipped all of my belongings back to the east coast
-FINALLY saw Dave Matthews Band and Fiona Apple live
-Shot and styled seven photo shoots with models
-Shot more travel/lifestyle/landscape photos than I can count
-Visited/traveled through the following states (NH and GA for the first times):

2013 map


Looking forward to the adventures ahead in 2014!! :)

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