michelle Collage Artist Michelle Lanter.

1. Name / occupation / location:
Michelle Lanter AKA dadadreams / Collage Artist / Houston, TX.
2. How long have you been doing what you’re doing?
10 years.
3. What was your last ‘day’ job (or what is your current day job)?
I’ve been self-employed for the past ten years. Before that some of my more interesting jobs have been working for the Texas Secretary of State, working in a museum, and tending llamas.

family portrait by dadadreamsFamily Portrait © Michelle Lanter / dadadreams.

4. Favorite writer / artist / photographer?
My favorite fiction writer is T.C. Boyle. My favorite non-fiction writers are Robert Anton Wilson and Jon Ronson. Some of my favorite artists are Max Ernst, Hannah Hoch, and Neo Rauch. My favorite photographer is Larry Clark.
5. Who or what inspires you to create?
I have very vivid dreams and they are the source of many of my collage ideas. I also love to travel and I get many ideas while on my trips.
6. Describe your last DIY project:
My three cats are total ‘nipheads’ so I created some catnip toys for them.

Work on the Brain by dadadreamsWork on the Brain © Michelle Lanter / dadadreams.

7. Decade you wish you could visit?
I’m very happy living in the present. To quote the song from Disney World’s ‘Carousel of Progress’, “Now is the best time of your life.”
8. A place you’ve visited that was almost too beautiful to capture?
The Icefields Parkway in Canada and Mt. Fuji in Japan.
9. Describe your pre-work ritual:
I gather my collage images and turn on some music.
10. An image you’ve created that is nearest and dearest to you:
All of my pieces are special to me. “Spring Hair” is one of my most recent collages. It took me quite awhile to hand-cut all of the flowers and insects and it was a lot of fun to create.

spring-dadadreamsSpring Hair © Michelle Lanter / dadadreams.

11. Something you care deeply about:
Novelty…it is important to me to have new experiences and to keep learning and trying new things.
12. Current project you are working on:
I’m working on some new postcard collages.
13. Goal for the future:
To keep creating and keep traveling.

Lost and Lonely by dadadreamsLost and Lonely © Michelle Lanter / dadadreams.

Michelle is The Queen of Collage; her work never ceases to amuse, impress and inspire me. (I always keep on eye on her etsy shop, and I’ve purchased a few of her kissy necklaces and magnets). You can view more of Michelle’s work and travels on flickr. To purchase some of her original collages and other fun oddities, visit her etsy shop.

Kitchen Art Collage by dadadreams
Kitchen Art Collage © Michelle Lanter / dadadreams.

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